Drywall Services

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Ottawa Drywall guys have been serving happy customers for over 10 years in Ottawa and the surrounding area. The services we provide include:


  • Drywall installation
  • Taping and plaster
  • Sanding
  • Drywall crown molding
  • Level 5 priming
  • Paint

Drywall Installation

Our drywall crews are fast and friendly. We use 1/2″ certainteed lightweight drywall. 5/8 drywall to prevent noise or if plans call for fire rated. We install all drywall with 1 1/4 ” grabber drywall screws, no nails. We minimize joints with precision cutting. Drywall is installed and cleaned, ready for tape.

Taping and Plaster

All taping and mudding is done by hand, NO machines. We believe there is a feel for the walls, that require hand trowels and you just cant match the quality result when you use machines. Time and time again a quality Before we get taping we apply durrock 90 (a cement bond) in all our butt joints in new housing to avoid cracks from wood shrinking and truss pulling. We then glue medal/paper corners using drywall compound. These corners are more durable then traditional medal beads that are nailed and crack easily. We then apply tape using a special taping compound made by certainteed that contains glue for extra strength. Next coat of mud covers all our tape and builds a base coat to get rid of humps from joints. Between our base coat and final coat we give a quick sand to get rid of any edges or transition lines. Our final coat is applied to make everything perfectly smooth to make for an easy sanding job.


This is the messy part. Even though our taping and mudding requires little sanding, the dust cannot be avoided. We do everything we can to ensure the dust is contained and cleaned when finished. Our sanders are very thorough and shine lights on the walls to see any imperfections you may not see otherwise.

Drywall Crown Molding

Choose a combination of steps and coves to create your own custom crown molding. drywall crown molding is seamless and doesn’t crack. Installed with screws and mud to glue, all seams are mudded and sanded for a plaster look.

Level 5 Priming

This service goes hand in hand with our drywall service. Drywall and mud have a different texture and sometimes, no matter how good the taper, if light shines on a wall or a ceiling a certain way, you can see the different consistencies. Our painters have perfected the recipe of mixing mud with primer to get a thin coating of the entire surface for a uniform look like no other. Whether you use our painting service or not, we highly recommend this service.


Our painters quality cannot be matched. With level 5 priming and pristine cuts, your home will be nothing short of perfect. Choose your colors from any brand of paint (benjamin moore is our preferred paint). Sit back and let us do the work. All ceilings are sprayed and backrolled, all doors are sprayed, no brush marks.

About Us

Ottawa drywall guys has been servicing Ottawa and surrounding area for over 10 years. Our dedication to quality work at competitive prices has earned us a reputation we are very proud of. Our customers are builders, general contractors, renovation companies and private home owners. We believe quality is a standard and shouldn’t cost you more money.

Nick Saloman, owner and operator understands that building a new home or renovation is a timely and huge investment, having built homes and completed renovations himself. Everything adds up very quickly and there is no room for error. What sets Ottawa drywall guys apart is our friendly staff that genuinely cares about your job. All our tapers are trained directly by Nick for years before they tape a job on their own. This makes a consistent quality other companies can’t compete with.

We work very efficiently and meet our deadlines. Our drywall and paint service work together to get your job done without the stress of organizing two companies to fit your schedule. Choose Ottawa drywall guys for Your next new home or renovation. You won’t regret it!

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