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Over the past 10+ years, Ottawa Drywall Guys have become known for our staff’s dedication to reaching and exceeding our own high standards. We have worked on all types of large renovations and residential developments. We pour every bit of our unmatched level of expertise into all the projects we handle to deliver the best results to our clients!

“What sets Ottawa Drywall Guys apart is our friendly staff who genuinely cares about your job. All of our tapers are trained directly by me until they are extremely precise. This yields a consistency of quality that other companies can’t compete with.”

– Nick Saloman, CEO of Ottawa Drywall Guys

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Quality Home Builder Services

Large residential development projects are a huge undertaking. It is important to trust your drywall contractors to complete jobs efficiently and to do so with quality craftsmanship. Our crew stays on schedule and within budget to ensure that your team’s development goals are met.

Our highly skilled drywall experts are continuously upgrading their skills, staying up-to-date with industry best practices and technology to offer the best drywall contractor services in Ottawa.

Some of our past clients include Brenmar Custom Homes and Hobin Built Construction.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations with drywall expertise in:

  • Drywall Installation
  • Mudding
  • Taping
  • Sanding

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Drywall Installation Services For Developers

At Ottawa Drywall Guys, we are always committed to providing the best quality results and that means using the best materials.

Our crews use 1/2″ CertainTeed lightweight drywall (even 5/8 drywall to prevent noise or if plans call for fire-rated). We install all drywall with 1 1/4” Grabber drywall screws, and no nails. Sheetrock is installed and cleaned, ready for tape. Our drywall taping and mudding are done with careful precision for each coat that is applied. We ensure that there are no joints, holes, or flaws that appear, leaving the perfect drywall needed to continue your development project.

Before handing over the final product, we will do a walk-through with you to ensure everything is up to the standards of your project. If you are looking to hire a drywall installation contractor in Ottawa to help you complete your development project, contact Ottawa Drywall Guys today!

Benefits of Working With Drywall Contractors

If you are a custom home builder or developer in Ottawa, you know the value of having experts work on the various aspects of your project. Drywall is no easy task and should only be done by professionals with years of experience. The Ottawa Drywall Guys have extensive training and experience when it comes to drywall installation for new build homes in Ottawa.

We show up to every job with the right tools and material to get the job done. We’ll be able to handle the cutting, hanging, taping and sanding to achieve the perfect finish for your project. Working with the Ottawa Drywall Guys will mean saving you and other contractors time and stress from having to deal with the proper installation of drywall. Contact our team today, if you’re interested in working with us for your next development project in Ottawa.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions from clients who want to know more about our drywall services. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see your questions answered here, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

How long will drywall installation take?

We aim to finish every project on time and on budget. That being said, the time needed to complete drywall installation will ultimately depend on the scope of work. We will consult with you in the planning stage of your development project and provide an accurate timeframe for us to complete the work. We will also stay in communication with the project manager throughout the drywall installation to provide progress reports. Contact us today for a free quote and timeline for your drywall installation project.

Will you handle cleanup after drywall installation?

Yes, we will! There is no need for you to worry about devoting your team’s manpower to cleaning up our mess. We will ensure that everything we brought with us is removed from your workspace and disposed of properly. Our team will clean up quickly, allowing you to get back to work as fast as possible with very little disturbance from us. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our drywall installation services and get a free quote for your drywall project. 

Are you able to accommodate changes to our project?

Absolutely! We understand that development projects have a lot of moving pieces and sometimes plans can change very quickly. Our team is prepared to adapt to your plans to make sure that your project goes as smoothly as possible. Just let us know what changes are being made and we will provide an updated timeline so that you have an accurate idea of when our work will be completed. Contact our team today for a free quote and timeline for your drywall project. 

Do you install drywall in condos and apartments as well?

Yes, we do! Our highly skilled team of drywall technicians has experience installing drywall in many different types of buildings including condos and apartments. If you’re developing a new condo or apartment building, we can take care of all the drywall for it. Get in touch with our team of expert drywall technicians today to learn more about our developer services and get a free quote for your project. 

Will you supply the drywall materials for our project?

That is entirely up to you. Our team will come equipped with all the best tools to complete your drywall job and we have fantastic partnerships with local suppliers. We are prepared to supply all of the materials needed for your development project. However, if you have an agreement with a supplier and decide to use their materials for the project, we will be happy to use them instead. Be sure to discuss this with us when planning the project so we can make all necessary preparations to ensure that your drywall project goes well. Contact us today to learn more about what drywall we use and to get a free estimate for your project. 

Can you help determine what drywall layout will work best for our project?

Of course! Our team of expert drywall technicians has extensive experience with a variety of different drywall projects. We would be more than happy to lend our expertise and help you find the best drywall layout for your project. We can help you choose between your ideas and even make recommendations that might work better for your space. No matter what you have in mind, our team is here to help with every step of your drywall project. Contact our team today for help bringing your vision to life and get a free estimate for your project. 

Why is it beneficial to hire drywall contractors for large development projects?

Hiring drywall contractors for big drywall projects is beneficial for many reasons. You won’t have to waste your money buying or renting all the necessary tools for the job. Our expert drywall technicians have years of experience installing drywall making them more efficient and less likely to make mistakes than those hanging drywall for the first time. We will hang your drywall seamlessly and provide sturdy, long-lasting results. Our team is committed to making sure that your installation is as stress-free as possible. Get in touch with our team today for a free quote and timeline for your drywall project. 

"I have used Ottawa Drywall Guys more than a handful of times. They are punctual and professional and the work is outstanding. Nick is a great guy to deal with. We will never use anyone else!"

KAYLA WOODHOUSEOttawa home-ownerOttawa Drywall Guys

"I have used Ottawa Drywall Guys more than a handful of times. They are punctual and professional and the work is outstanding. Nick is a great guy to deal with. We will never use anyone else!"

KAYLA WOODHOUSEOttawa home-ownerOttawa Drywall Guys

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