Frequently Asked Questions

We're happy to answer all your questions when it comes to drywall renovation & repair projects in and around Ottawa. If you don't see your question answered here, don't hesitate to contact us.
Does drywall installation cause a lot of dust in the home?

When renovations are taking place, drywall repair or installation can have as one of its side effects a fair amount of dust. This occurs in some stages and projects more than others. At Ottawa Drywall Guys, we know dust can be a nuisance for you, and we take great care to minimize the amount od dust that is circulated. We’ll work with you to set down drop-cloths and other mitigation elements, and we’ll make sure the job is cleaned up to your satisfaction.

How long will the drywall job take?

The size and scope of every drywall project is different, as are the conditions & circumstances. We want to be as unobtrusive as possible, and we know that customers don’t want to see their homes in a state of construction for longer than necessary. We blend those priorities with our goals of doing quality work in the highest professional manner. When giving an estimate for a project, we will also quote you an approximate time frame. If you have any concerns or needs, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Do we need to vacate the premises or can we stay at home during the drywall work?

In most cases, homeowners are able to stay at home and be on the premises as they wish throughout much of the work going on. Of course, there will be a significant amount of noise, which some find more distracting than others. And there are some renovation projects that may take up so much space and on a big enough footprint (e.g. master bedroom, basement, etc.) that customers find it better to relocate for a day or two. Talk to us about what options are best for your project. We’re happy to work with you and work around what you need us to.

Do you only do residential drywall projects & renovations?

Ottawa Drywall Guys is pleased to offer drywall services for Ottawa residential, commercial and condo buildings. In addition to single family homes, we do drywall repairs and renovations for apartment buildings, offices, restaurants, retail spaces and much more. We’ve got a wealth of experience and knowledge across a variety of drywall applications. Talk to Ottawa Drywall Guys about how we can help on your next project.

Do you do renovations for water damage, weather-related damage or other minor repairs?

Most definitely! We don’t want to sell you on a complete drywall teardown and new installation if al you really need are some sections repairs and the rest salvaged. We’ll work with you (and with your insurance company, if need be) to determine the best options for your particular repair project for drywall in Ottawa.

Is the homeowner or landlord responsible for carting away the materials & debris?

Ottawa Drywall Guys will take whatever you want away when we finish the job. Count on our professional experience, backed by reviews and testimonials, for peace of mind in knowing that we’ll leave your home or property in even better shape that when we first arrived!